I have two approaches to my artwork. If a particular theme or style is inspiring me to paint, I usually just dive in and put brush to paper right away! On the other hand, if a client requests a specific theme, I start my creative process by jotting down words or phrases that best characterize the concept. The simple task of writing down words seems to set the stage for any visual thoughts that come into play.  



After I write down my list of words or phrases, I begin sketching ideas for my designs. Many times, I have to work in collections so multiple illustrations will be required.



I work in a variety of styles, and more times than not, I will have to consciously decide which technique and style to apply to my designs. Again, if a client has requested a theme, they probably have a style in mind too.



My painting techniques have changed quite a bit over the years! Traditionally, I would paint every design as an “original" painting, usually on a wooden panel. In today’s world, everything exists digitally. I still paint and hand-letter all of the elements that go into a design, but if the image requires layering of different elements, I illustrate those all separately. This process allows my clients to easily manipulate my art to fit their products.