Snowbird in the Sketchbook


Hard to believe winter is right around the corner! It snowed, here, in St. Louis, much of the day yesterday. The kids can't wait to get outside and find a snow-covered slope to let their sleds carry them away. I know this dusting of snow is just a tease and will melt away in the next day or two. But we all know that it's hot cocoa season and  candy canes will soon fill all the candy dishes around the home. Snow is definitely on it's way! snowbird1snowbird2

I started this little snowbird sketch in the fall. Can't believe I'm just now finishing it. Life gets busy with three children – all at different grade-level schools.


I guess I knew winter was on it's way. I love seeing these little snowbirds play in the snow.


Forest Mushroom


I am having so much fun creating these little forest mushroom studies. These sketches are for an art project that I am collaborating on with a wonderfully-talented photographer friend of mine, Mandy Lynne. She is shooting some gorgeous photography that I will use as reference for my illustrations. As a team, we are creating a fun little memoir for you! Can't wait to show you more snippets from our project! photo 1aphoto 2aphoto 3a



DaisyDaisy1 Daisy2 These lovely little daisies grow abundantly in the park where my daughter plays tennis.  Their bright florets glisten in the sun as the twiggy blue Russian Sage and purple coneflower provide a serene backdrop. Shasta Daisies always remind me of the long summer days swinging on the swing set, gazing over at the white blooms in my mother's garden.

Washington D.C. Botanic Gardens


OrchidsPage1Page2 Page3 OrchidsFinal2 Just wanted to share a last sketch from our family trip out to Washington D.C. this summer. This lovely little orchid cluster was one of the many beautiful blooms found at the Botanic Gardens. Although D.C. is brimming with monumental artifacts and landmarks for everyone to see, there's something about a nature garden that will always steal my heart away...




The magnolia trees were just finishing up their bloom season when we toured around Washington, D.C. last week. The scent of the fragrant flowers livened up the long cemented facades of the city blocks.


I begin my sketch by drawing very softly with an Ebony graphite pencil.


Using Maimeri's Venezia Compact Watercolor Set, I brush in a light wash to create a soft background layer.


Lastly, I paint a few extra layers for shadows and darken up my contour lines with the Ebony pencil. As with many of my other sketches, I love to inscribe the name of the subject, location, date, and any other pertinent information.