Summer Citrus Inspiration

Spring is in the air...I think. :) 

St. Louis has a funny way of deciding if it's still winter or spring! One day, it is a chilly 20 degrees with snow dotting the gray skies, while the next is 70 and beach-worthy (if we had a beach!). With these frigid temps, painting something bright and citrusy seems to help ward off the blues.

Paint Swatches.jpg

If I could paint summery citrus all day long I'd be a happy camper! However, I must stay abreast of what my clients need, and that's usually themes off-season due to production cycles (holiday art during the summer, and summery scenes during the winter).

I created this citrus collection as a spin off to my recent lettuce, berries, and herb charts. I loved capturing some of the more popular edibles and designed playful patterns to go with each collection.


I usually incorporate hand-lettering into my work. I will both paint and use pencil to create my lettering. I prefer the Prismacolor Ebony Pencil because it creates a darker graphite line that best captures my text.

Citrus Text.jpg

As part of my design process, I will mock up renderings to showcase how my artwork can translate on various home decor products. These visuals help my clients visualize the entire product line.

Citrus products1.jpg
Berry Plates

Hope you enjoyed looking at some of the designs from my new edible collection! These images are only a few of the designs from this summery line.

For licensing opportunities, please contact me.

Wishing you a beautiful and fruitful spring and summer!

xo, Angela