Italian Seeds

Spring has sprung, folks! I'm looking forward to tilling up my garden and mapping out a new bed of spring yummies! I missed the cool spring season last year because I created my garden in May. Here, I have a few seed packets that I purchased in Italy several years ago. Not knowing if the seeds are too old to germinate, I thought I'd give them a trial run.


I scattered a pinch of each lettuce variety onto a wet paper towel. I then rolled up the individual paper towels and placed them in a ziploc bag near a sunny window (not direct sunlight). If the seeds don't germinate within a few days - or only a few have sprouted by next week - chances are the seeds are no good.


As much as I would love to have my Italian varieties in full bloom this spring, I do have a backup plan just in case.


I'm looking forward to getting out in the dirt, once again, to start a new menu of spring offerings!