Day 85

I happened to put a hummingbird feeder in my garden last week. Our previous feeder had broken due to the frigid winters over the past couple of years. I guess I was too lazy to bring the feeder in for the winter. We get quite a few hummingbirds in our area and they are always a delight to have around. In fact, I recall a hummingbird sipping water from my hose last year as I watered my plants! It danced in the mist for a good 30 seconds! Certainly, a once in a lifetime event for me.

I purchased some ready-made food for the hummingbirds (red concentrate) without reading the ingredients. I was saddened to see the mix of unnatural additives to the food. I will google some natural recipes and make sure my sweet little feathered friends have a wholesome meal - as close to the real food that they should be eating.