Day 47

Allium. Another favorite from my grandmother's yard. I clearly remember that sunny afternoon after I came home from school (our family spent one year living at my grandparents' house when we were building our house). My grandma had a rock garden in direct view from her kitchen window. In the center of this lovely centralized garden stood tall the largest variety of alliums. I swear that flower stood 254 feet tall! It was gargantuan! So proud that I discovered this incredibly amazing blossom on my nature walk, I plucked it straight out at the base of the stem! I raced up to my grandma's back door like King Arthur parading his magical sword through the forest. Gleamingly, I flung open the back door to the house. There stood my grandmother, mouth wide open - speechless! I'm sure it took all her might to hold back any scolding. She lovingly patted me on the back and congratulated me on the enchanting discovery that I had made. Oh, the love... Allium