Day 31

The narwhal!! Ok, I'm embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of a narwhal until my lovely friends over at West Elm St. Louis asked that I paint them a narwhal! This lovely, yet mysterious, creature concludes the first chapter, or month, in my 365 Sketchbook ProjectAs a side note to West Elm: Even though I envisioned this sketch to have more blues and grays - more of the nautical feel - somehow, it turned out bright cherry-pink red! Not sure where that came from. West Elm messaged me the other day requesting that I paint them a narwhal. I played it cool. I acted as if I were well-aware that this fascinating sea creature swam the deep blue seas. I recall sitting around the kitchen island that evening with my youngest 10 year-old daughter, Ella. The instagram message lit up my phone as I was preparing dinner. I turned to Ella and asked if she had ever heard of a narwhal. "Of course!", she replied and then gleefully broke out into a long-winded song about some narwhal (albeit, a censored version). How could there be a song about a narwhal, and why had I never heard her sing it before?!

Anyway, thinking this was an isolated occurrence, I turned to my 13 year-old daughter. "Mia," I hesitatingly asked as if showing my age, "have YOU ever heard of a narwhal?" "Geez, Mom, duh! Our team mascot for school this year is the narwhal!" How could I have missed that memo too?! I thought I was really going downhill at this point. Surely, my 15 year-old son would think this was some young "girlie thing". "Cole, the narwhal, you've heard of him?", I pitifully asked. "Yes, Mom, let it rest."

Wow! It truly is quite humbling, almost humiliating, when you realize your children all know something about the real world that you don't. I expect to be oblivious about who the latest pop bands are or what all of the texting abbreviations mean. But an ancient sea creature? Seriously? How did I miss the boat on that one?

West Elm:  Let me know if you'd like to see a blue, or grey, or maybe rainbow narwhal. Not sure how I stumbled upon the "Flipper" resemblance of this little guy either. Or, perhaps you've never heard of Flipper? ;-))