Day 25

I remember vacationing one time, years ago, with my husband. We went scuba diving in the Caribbean. Actually, my husband went diving with a tour group – I bobbled up on the surface, staying safe from any deep-sea catastrophes. The thought of being trapped underwater is not on my lifetime bucket list. I could see all the divers deep within the water from where I perched, some 25 feet away from the tour boat. The daring souls drifted in and out of the old shipwreck at bottom's edge. I'm guessing they would resurface with all sorts of fascinating tales of the beautiful marine life they observed. As I floated safely atop the water, I came to the resolution that my sea creature observation might be subpar. I was okay with that. Not more than 20 minutes had passed, and I had about lost my breath! As I was glancing downward to check on the divers, this beautifully massive stingray softly floated on by about 15 feet below me! I couldn't believe it! It was as if he was sweetly taking his time, out a pleasure swim with no cares in the world. Not one of the divers saw him, as they were too entrenched at discovering the shipwreck's hidden mysteries. I found the treasure! I saw the biggest gem in the sea that day! A tale to be remembered, indeed! 25a