Day 365

I can't believe this is it! Day 365! Well, last but not least - the little Chihuahua! Again, another Easter egg inspired illustration! Hope you've enjoyed my year of illustrations! It's almost hard to believe a whole year went by already! Please don't fret, I will continue to post pictures along the way. My painting doesn't stop here! Thanks for following me along and I promise to update you with little treasures along the way! In fact, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I may have gotten a book deal based on some of these illustrations! I will happily share the details once it gets finalized!! ((Big hugs))


Day 362

Wow! Can't believe I only have a few days left of my 365 Sketchbook Project! Where did that time go? I must say, there's a part of me that is looking forward to taking a break. It wasn't always easy to pick up a paintbrush on the days that I was sick or had to help my kids with homework. Committing to anything for a year, or longer, takes true dedication. Somehow, this experience has become secondhand to me now - the act of creating art every day and sharing it with my friends on Facebook and Instagram. Just because my yearly project is almost at an end, please know that I am not far. I am right here, and will be regularly posting to share my creative tidbits along the way.


Day 350

Black Lab
Black Lab

Wow! Can't believe I only have 15 days left to paint of my 365 Series! This year has gone by so fast! However, please stay tuned as I will now spend time putting all of my art together in some fun collections for home decor & gift products! I'm so excited to share my collections with you! Annndd....I'm finally beginning groundwork on being able to sell my products online! It's amazing how much time and effort it takes to getting this all together. I have some lovely friends who have offered to help me. Now, I just need to clean my space and make room to inventory product. Please stay tuned!